Beyond Bedding: Teesa Home at Vivek Agarwal’s Dream Sanctuary

Beyond Bedding: Teesa Home at Vivek Agarwal’s Dream Sanctuary

Embarking on a bed styling journey for a young couple’s dream house is always thrilling, but when tasked with creating bedding for the visionary architect Vivek Agarwal of Maanavi homes, excitement reached new heights at Teesa Home. We found ourselves both elated and nervous, honored to enhance the living canvas of an esteemed furniture maestro known for his exquisite furniture designs and meticulous precision.
Transforming Visions into Reality
Collaborating with the multidisciplinary interior firm 18 design studio, led by the talented Dhruv Dhodhiawala from Surat, we set out to transform Vivek Agarwal’s Japandi inspired residence into a sanctuary of style and comfort.
Master Bedroom: A Symphony of Playfulness
In the master bedroom, we orchestrated a symphony of playfulness by infusing a vibrant pop of color through our bedspread and accent cushions. This not only elevated the space but created a lively retreat for the young couple to unwind and dream together.



Daughter’s Room: Whimsical Elegance for Little Dreams

The daughter’s room became a haven of whimsical elegance, with a soft, ruffled bedspread complementing the hand-painted floral artwork by Rogan Design. Our delicate pure organic bedspread added an extra layer of charm, ensuring both aesthetic harmony and a child-friendly environment. The Amber cushion, a true highlight with hand-embroidered details and a palette of colors, adds an extra touch of elegance







Guest Room: Minimalistic Charm with a Burst of Color

Embracing minimalistic charm in the guest room, we adorned concrete-textured walls with yellow, black, and beige color cushions. This addition of color struck aperfect balance, offering a welcoming space for visitors.




Parents’ Room: Warmth and Timeless Appeal

In the parents’ room, cherished for its warmth and timeless appeal, occasional visits are met with an inviting embrace. The bedspread, meticulously crafted with a blend of timeless fabrics including linen, cotton velvet, and cotton, not only elevates the aesthetic but also ensures a welcoming atmosphere each time they grace the space.



As we delve into the pictures of this Japanese-inspired house, we invite you to witness the blend of modern functionality and cultural aesthetics. Feel the warmth, experience the playfulness, and explore the timeless elegance that defines this special space.

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